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  • Housing Market Showing Steady Growth
    Housing Market Showing Steady Growth There are signs across the board that point to a slow and steady recovery with forecasts from government agencies, research firms and industry related trade associations. The National Association of Home Builders Announced that single family home permits are up sharply from last year. The latest figures show 914,000 units as a seasonal adjusted annual rate. Existing Home Sales The National Ass... Read More
  • Post Date: 10th September 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online
  • Can Buying Kitchen Cabinets be Easy?
    Buying kitchen cabinets, whether from your local hardware store or direct from the manufacturer, is a big process with lots of decisions along the way. People often ask, is there an easier way to get my project off the ground? Do any of the wholesale kitchen cabinet companies offer tools to assist me in completing this remodel? Here’s the deal: Selection Icabinetrydirect gives you the ability to browse our entire selection of wholesale kitchen cabinets, right from your compu... Read More
  • Post Date: 12th August 2013
    Author: Ryan Richardson
    Tags: Buy Cabinets Online,Buy Kitchen Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinet Wholesalers
  • Did you know that you can buy kitchen cabinets wholesale?
    Did you know that you can buy kitchen cabinets wholesale? All wholesale means is that the item in question has not had the retail markup added to it, and companies like icabinetrydirect, allow you to purchase your kitchen cabinets at affordable price. There are some things to keep in mind when you are buying kitchen cabinets wholesale that you may not expect at first, and here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your experience.   #1 Decide on a style.Read More
  • Post Date: 6th August 2013
    Author: Ryan Richardson
    Tags: Buy Cabinets Online,Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale,Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online
  • Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
    How To Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Have you looked at your kitchen lately and wondered what you could do to make it look brand new and highly fashionable?  With all the mileage that kitchens get and how many important life moments they see, it's a crime to leave them looking old and dull.  You can spruce up your kitchen with contemporary cabinets, and here's how. You Don't Have To Keep Your Old Cabinets The first step in sprucing up yo... Read More
  • Post Date: 16th July 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
  • Customize Your Wholesale Kitchen
    Customize Your Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Renovating a kitchen is a tough task, but hats off to all those who managed to do this affair in a very easy manner. We also want to thank them for bringing into their homes or sites to make things even easier. Now renovating your kitchen according to your or your client’s choice and desires is not impossible. We at have numerous options for you and also deal with personalized kitchen cabinets with th... Read More
  • Post Date: 9th July 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Cabinets,Wholesale,Wholesale Cabinets,Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online
  • Save Money. Buy Cabinetry Direct.
    Are All Cabinets Direct Of The Same Quality? When you buy cabinets direct, will you be getting the same quality cabinets no matter where you buy them from, or could you be getting great cabinets from one place and shabby ones from another?  You want to think long and hard about this question before you buy cabinets direct.  If you don't, then your shopping experience could end in a lesson learned instead of just some great cabinetry. Different Materials Not all cab... Read More
  • Post Date: 2nd July 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Cabinetry Direct,Cabinets
  • Buy Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online
    Why You Should Buy Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online Your most valuable assets are your time and hard earned money. Your utmost priority is to make sure that you use both these assets wisely. When you come over to, you get the best rates, designs, customization options, and the facility to buy online. Wholesale kitchen cabinets online are a great opportunity for you to save your money while making a fast and convenient online purchase. Most architects, des... Read More
  • Post Date: 25th June 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets,Wholesale,Wholesale Cabinets,Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online
  • Benefits of Frameless Cabinets
    What Are The Benefits Of Frameless Cabinets? Frameless cabinets are all the rage right now, and there are several reasons why this is one of the latest cabinetry design crazes.  You may think that all cabinets are pretty much the same, but this is far from the truth, and frameless cabinets illustrate this point beautifully.  Take some time to explore these major benefits of frameless cabinets.  Ease Of Installation Frameless cabinets are extremely easy to install, ... Read More
  • Post Date: 18th June 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets,Frameless Cabinets
  • 3 Things Before You Buy Kitchen Cabinets
    3 Things You Have To Know Before You Buy Kitchen Cabinets You may not realize it, but there are 3 things that you have to know before you buy kitchen cabinets.  If you don't know these 3 things, then you are opening yourself up to a world of trouble, and no one wants trouble when they buy kitchen cabinets.  Here are those 3 things and an explanation of why each one matters so much. Will You Be Able To Live With Them? You need to be able to live with your kitchen ca... Read More
  • Post Date: 11th June 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Buy Kitchen Cabinets,Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets
  • Looking for Kitchen Cabinet Wholesale?
    In today's fast paced world and turbulent economic times, your ultimate goal is to save your precious moments and hard earned money.  You should make choices that give you value for your money and are worth the investment. Your kitchen cabinets are no exception to this rule; these cabinets not only add to the beauty of your kitchen, but also give you functionality and usability. provides you with kitchen cabinets directly, without any hassles, at   wholesale rates... Read More
  • Post Date: 4th June 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Kitchen Cabinets,Wholesale
  • Safely Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online
    Best Tips To Safely Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online When you go to buy kitchen cabinets online, you need to think about many things.  One thing that should never get lost in the mix is safety.  Online shopping needs to be safe, or instead of just risking a purchase of the wrong cabinets, you could be risking a whole lot more. Make Sure It's Safe To Buy Before you buy kitchen cabinets online, you need to make sure that it is safe to buy from the website that you're plan... Read More
  • Post Date: 28th May 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets Online
  • Kitchen Cabinets Direct
    Why Buy Our Kitchen Cabinets Direct We at know how extremely convenient buying  kitchen cabinets direct can be. That is why we make sure that your customers can get exactly what they want or even better at times.  We excel in getting you the most reasonable price rates without compromising on quality. In addition, you get a wide range of designs that suit all needs and tastes. Here are some of the facts that make can the best place to ... Read More
  • Post Date: 21st May 2013
    Author: Kevin Davis
    Tags: Cabinets,Cabinets Direct,Kitchen Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets Direct

For Wholesale direct pricing call 877-800-0420, or fill out our free estimate form. We empower the industry professional to plan, price, design and order cabinets direct.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see the latest design styles and color trends for cabinetry. We have special programs designed for business owners and residential clients.

If the home is a castle, then the kitchen is its heart. At iCabinetry Direct, we believe that an inviting and well-designed kitchen space can make all the difference for the interior of your home. It is the place where folks create great food, make memories, and nourish their family ties and friendships. A kitchen should possess a warm, yet stylish, atmosphere that is both beautiful and convenient. This kitchen grandeur is made easier with the addition of affordable wholesale cabinets.

At iCabinetry Direct, you come first because we always strive to give our partners the best possible service. We take time to nurture and develop our affiliations with top architects, contractors, designers, project managers looking for Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online. We also provide unique opportunities for those DIYers who enjoy tackling a home remodeling job on their own. No matter the manner in which you need wholesale cabinets, your satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

Our meticulous attention to detail and personalized service is with you every step of the way, from research to the actual purchase. And remember, when you're ready for installation, we are here to ship the highest quality wholesale kitchen cabinets directly to any job site anywhere in the country. It couldn't be any easier!

Our website and order processes are designed to give our partners direct access to the finest user-friendly tools. We have several options available for you to help build your business and increase profits. We also offer expert training seminars, and even help with your advertising.

Contact iCabinetry Direct today at 877-800-0420 for all your wholesale kitchen cabinets needs. You can even receive a fast and easy quote online for cabinetry direct..