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3 Types of Cabinet Doors for the Cleanest, Simplest Look

Are you looking for the ideal cabinetry door style for your minimal space? Here are three types of cabinet doors for the cleanest, simplest look.

Aug 14, 2023
3 Types of Cabinet Doors for the Cleanest, Simplest Look

If you want to achieve a look of simple sophistication in your home, cabinet doors are the perfect place to start. When it comes to cleanliness and sophistication, there is no such thing as too much simplicity. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. When selecting the right type of doors for our cabinets, you may have trouble finding products that meet all your needs. Fortunately, we’ve put together three types of cabinet doors for the cleanest, simplest look to make the process easier.

The Traditional Shaker-Style Cabinet Door

The traditional Shaker-style cabinet door is a classic and elegant design that people have used for centuries. This cabinet door style features a simple flat panel design with a frame around the perimeter. Its minimalist aesthetic is perfect for those seeking a clean, timeless design that complements any home décor. The simplicity of the Shaker-style cabinet door allows for a natural wood finish. It’s also easy to paint it in various colors. This door’s versatility makes it suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens. The Shaker-style cabinet door is an excellent choice for homeowners who desire a durable, long-lasting design that will never go out of style.

The Slab-Style Cabinet Door

If you’re looking for a cabinet style that exudes simplicity, contemporary flair, and sleekness, the slab-style cabinet door might be the perfect choice for you. With its clean lines and flat surface, this cabinet door design is a great fit for modern homes that favor minimalism and simplicity over ornate details and intricate carvings. The slab-style cabinet door, also known as a flat-panel door, typically consists of a single piece of wood or engineered wood with no frames or insets. This feature makes it a popular choice for homeowners looking for a cabinet style that’s easy to clean and maintain and seamlessly blends in with the overall aesthetic of their living space. With its simple yet elegant design, it’s no wonder that the slab-style cabinet door has become a popular choice for homeowners searching for a modern and cohesive look for their cabinets.

The Glass-Panel Cabinet Door

The glass-panel cabinet door has become popular with people who want to create a clean and simple look in their homes. The design features a cabinet door with a panel of glass in the center. This allows for the contents of the cabinet to be visible. This cabinet door style can be a great way to showcase dishes, glassware, and other items and add some visual interest to a kitchen or dining area. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a glass-panel cabinet door is also practical. It’s easy to clean and maintain and can help brighten up a space by allowing more light to pass through. Overall, the glass-panel cabinet door is a great choice for homeowners who want a stylish and functional addition to their home.

Now that you know the ideal cabinet door styles for clean and simple spaces, you can determine the best option for your home. Check out iCabinetry’s selection of Starmark kitchen cabinets today. The versatility of these cabinet door styles makes them perfect for creating a clean look in a kitchen or bathroom design.

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