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4 Trendy Styles for Kitchen Cabinet Doors in 2022

A well-designed kitchen starts with beautiful, functional cabinetry. Upgrade your space with these trendy styles for kitchen cabinet doors in 2022.

Oct 20, 2022
4 Trendy Styles for Kitchen Cabinet Doors in 2022

Cabinets are staples of every functional kitchen. While they have practical uses, kitchen cabinets are also decorative tools that can upgrade any space. With an excellent design, you can transform a dull kitchen into a beautiful place to eat and gather with family.

The trick is to choose the right materials and aesthetic to create a unique yet stylish space. Here are four trendy styles for kitchen cabinet doors in 2022 that will elevate anyone’s home.

Modern Metal

Many homeowners love contemporary home designs. This interior design trend is all about interesting materials that reflect present innovations. Go for a modern kitchen look with metal cabinet doors.

Metal cabinets don’t only offer an incredible aesthetic value. They’re also easy to clean and have eco-friendly attributes. Steel or aluminum doors also pair well with multiple design styles and match stainless-steel appliances perfectly.

Famously Flat

In 2022, flat designs are also trendy styles for kitchen cabinet doors. Also known as slab doors, flat cabinets don’t feature any raised or recessed panels. Instead, homeowners get sleek silhouettes that shine a light on elegant hardware.

Flat cabinet doors are ideal for people who prefer minimalistic designs. There are also so many colors and materials to choose from. Personalizing a kitchen is painless with slab kitchen cabinets.

Timelessly Traditional

Classic styles still have a place in 2022. In fact, traditional kitchen cabinet doors never go out of style. These timeless kitchen features add dynamic depth and texture to any otherwise boring space.

Most traditional cabinet doors fall into one of two categories: raised panel or recessed panel. Raised doors have a protruding middle panel, while recessed doors are the exact opposite. Both feature sturdy frames that surround the center with simple or intricate engravings.

Trendy Transitional

Like most things in life, kitchen cabinet styles have a middle ground. If you love the classic look but want a modern flair, you should choose a transitional design. Transitional kitchen cabinet door styles include the best of both worlds.

The ultra-popular shaker-style cabinet is an iconic example of a transitional design. These cabinet styles blend modern colors and materials with traditional paneling. They may also simplify recessed panel designs with a sleeker silhouette.

No matter which style you choose, iCabinetry has the resources to achieve any kitchen design. Shop our collection of Ultracraft kitchen cabinets for high-quality models to update your space.

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