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About Us

We’ve created the best buying experience by reinventing the way cabinetry is brought to market. Using state-of-the-art technology and good old-fashioned values, we empower intelligent trades professionals with high-quality cabinetry and world-class customer service.

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Careful Service and High Values

Our customer service is simply world-class. iCabinetry prides itself on creating and maintaining prompt, professional partner experiences. Our industry expertise is unrivaled. Our values are evident in the transparency of our pricing model, our post-sale processes and our unwavering commitment to our partners. Propelled by word-of-mouth advertising and internet exposure, we continue to capitalize on the rapid growth of viral marketing.


Expert Methods and the Latest Technologies

We cater to our partners’ needs from start to finish. We offer the most convenient cabinetry planning, pricing, ordering, delivery, and warranty methods in the industry. We alleviate the burden of complex processes. We make cabinetry user-friendly. We provide the best marketing materials with consistent product updates. We roadmap how to effectively deal with warranty issues. We automate the order process, empowering our partners with direct access to vital information necessary for the true cabinetry professional.

Shop Cabinets

We provide direct access to high-quality current products, with flexibility of design and finish options. Our products have the highest standard of quality control and apply the most effective methods of distribution and delivery.