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4 Reasons To Choose Slab-Style Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Jan 04, 2022

Slab cabinets are flat pieces of modern wood that don’t have any ornate designs or bevels. This style is recognized for its sharp corners and simplistic approach to design. Unlike traditional cabinets, such as shakers with their raised panel design, slab cabinets are meant to fade into the wall for a seamless finish. Check out the four reasons to choose slab-style cabinets for your kitchen to learn the benefits of a simplistic design.

It’s Trendy

The modern Scandinavian design approach of “less is more” has never been more popular. As more homes opt for a modern minimalist approach, slab cabinets have seen an equal rise in popularity. Your kitchen will be at the cutting edge of kitchen interior design with slab cabinets.

While only becoming a trend in America more recently, slab cabinets have been a staple in Europe for a while now. So, if you’re looking for a sleek European influence in your home, you’ll probably want to install slab cabinetry.

Less Busy

Traditional cabinets, though beautiful, can make the visual of the kitchen busy as each design fits for attention. However, modern kitchen designs focus on simplicity in luxury. You can make the wood recessed into the wall with slab cabinets for a seamless finish.

Natural Design

For homeowners who want to highlight the natural beauty of the woods and stones in their home, a slab cabinet makes the beauty of the grain the main feature. With a natural stain, each of your cabinets will look like its own mural, displaying the unique splendor of the groves in wood.

Save Money

For cabinets to have ornate panel designs, it requires more wood, and more materials mean you’ll need a high budget. Also, artisans expect to be accommodated for the hours it takes to construct these traditional designs. Slab cabinets require fewer materials and time to make, so you take that extra budget and put it into other luxury features.

After exploring the four reasons to choose slab-style cabinets for your kitchen, it becomes apparent how it represents the future of design. When surfing online for slab kitchen cabinets for sale, look no further than iCabinetry Direct for a selection of expertly crafted materials.

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