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How To Properly Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 26, 2021

Creating your dream home requires immense care, patience, and research. For example, buying kitchen cabinets is easy, but finding a set that mixes perfectly with your color palette and aesthetic takes more time. That said, the extra time pays off for homeowners who want to imbue their property with a personality, making each room warmer and more inviting.

However, to ensure your cabinets remain inviting and aesthetically pleasing, cleaning them is crucial. So, before you reach for the nearest bottle of cleaning solution, read through this guide detailing how to properly clean your kitchen cabinets. As you’ll learn from the guide below, there are many factors to consider when cleaning cabinets, but the process will become very straightforward after your first try.

Act Quickly

Before we address the products, let’s discuss the pace. If something spills or splatters on your kitchen cabinets, whether it’s food or drink, be sure to act quickly. Neglecting to clean up messes in the kitchen is a great way to ensure your cabinets accrue wear and unseemly stains quicker than they should.

If you prioritize the cabinet surface just as you would any surface in the kitchen, you can keep them fabulous and functional, which are two key benefits all home décor should showcase. That said, although acting quickly is important, homeowners can catch every minuscule crumb or drop of liquid that sticks to the cabinets. Thankfully, routine cleaning will help you solve such problems successfully.

Routine Cleaning

Keeping a routine cleaning schedule for your kitchen ensures small blemishes don’t stack up and up over time. Kitchen cabinets require cleaning at least once each week, though more frequent cleaning is necessary for bustling home kitchens. If you make a mess often, you should clean often; it’s as simple as that.

Each time you wipe down cabinet faces, inspect the top area to determine whether a thorough dusting is in order. That said, the cabinet interiors require routine cleaning too, but not as frequently as the exterior. Instead of cleaning weekly, homeowners should completely empty and clean the inside of kitchen cabinets every few months.

The 50/50 Solution

Now, let’s dive into the right materials for cleaning kitchen cabinets. One of the easiest and most common cabinet cleaning strategies for DIY homeowners is the 50/50 solution. 50/50 refers to proportions of products, namely 50% warm water and 50% vinegar. Mixing these two ingredients in a spray bottle gives you the perfect tool for sprucing up dirty cabinets successfully. All you have to do is spray the mixture on a clean cloth, wipe down the cabinet face, and repeat until the surface is spotless.

As you can see, this solution is just as easy as wiping down windows, and the necessary ingredients are common household ingredients. However, if you don’t carry vinegar at home, you can stop by a local supermarket and find a bottle easily. The 50/50 solution will help you wipe down basic stains and build-up without worry, keeping your cabinets beautiful and sanitary. If your kitchen cabinets have excessive stains and gunk building up on the exterior, then add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the mix.

Dust Defenses

Unfortunately, stains aren’t the only problem you have to protect your kitchen cabinets from. For example, the top of kitchen cabinets can quickly accrue dust, though it won’t be visible unless you look up there yourself. When it comes to cleaning dust from kitchen cabinets, the process is slightly different from removing dust from a surface in your bedroom or living room. In the kitchen, grease accumulates on top of the cabinets along with the dust, creating an unseemly substance.

If all your kitchen cabinet needs is a simple dusting, that’s convenient and straightforward. However, if that gunky build-up is mixing with the dust on your cabinet, use the 50/50 solution to get the surface back to its former glory. Additionally, if your kitchen cabinets have an excessive level of build-up that not even extra drops of detergent will remove, there is another solution.

Toothbrush Tactics

A toothbrush is a surprisingly useful tool for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. Using a new toothbrush, homeowners can easily clean out tight crevices on the interior and exterior of the cabinets. Dust and grease can work their way into tight spots, so having the right tool for the job is invaluable for routine cleaning sessions. However, cleaning out hard-to-reach spots on the cabinets isn’t the only advantage of toothbrushes. If you need a solution for cleaning particularly challenging stains, you can find it in a few household items. Besides a new toothbrush, you should obtain more vinegar and salt. First, mix the vinegar and salt together, creating a thick paste.

Next, put the toothbrush tip in the paste, collecting a nice helping, but not a huge glob. With his mixture on the toothbrush, you can successfully remove frustrating blemishes on cabinets. After carefully applying the mixture to stains, a clean towel and warm water are all you need to wash the surface thoroughly.

Furthermore, although you should be thorough with your cabinet cleaning, avoid scrubbing too intensely. Being mindful of pressure is key because excessive scrubbing will damage the cabinet, doing more harm than help. Likewise, avoid using steel wool, which also has a reputation for scratching cabinets.

Finishing Touches

Now that you know how to properly clean your kitchen cabinets, you can prevent once beautiful surfaces from becoming at-home eyesores. At iCabinetry, we sell a wide array of creative, attractive kitchen cabinets. However, we want you to enjoy those cabinets for as long as possible.

For example, you can buy Starmark cabinets online through our site, but we provide guides like the one above to make your experience with kitchen cabinets even better. Not everyone realizes how crucial clean cabinets are to the comfort level of a kitchen. That said, once homeowners find themselves taking cups and pans out of dust and grease-caked cabinets, then they’ll realize the importance of keeping these surfaces clean. Luckily, after reading this helpful guide, you can quickly clean cabinets before they reach such a dirty state.

How To Properly Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

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