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What Hinges Are Perfect for Frameless Cabinets?

Jun 16, 2022

There’s a lot to consider when choosing new cabinets: inset or full overlay, frame or frameless, and a multitude of hinge options. Some hinges only work with specific cabinet styles, like frameless cabinets. But what hinges are perfect for frameless cabinets? Allow us to answer that for you with a breakdown of hinge types and some examples of the most common hinges found in European-style cabinets. 

What Type of Hinge Goes Best With Frameless Cabinets?

As you can determine from the name, frameless cabinets don’t have the standard metal frame that other cabinets do. This simple but significant difference limits the type of hinges suitable for frameless cabinets.

A mortise hinge, or butt hinge, for example, is the most common hinge for traditional American cabinets. However, a mortise hinge is exposed, and frameless cabinets work best with hidden—European—hinges that include a mounting plate, with the hinges mounted on the inside of the cabinet to hide them when the door is closed.

European Hinge

The European hinge is obviously going to be the ideal choice for European-style frameless cabinets. The European hinge is installed on the cabinet’s interior and allows horizontal or vertical door alignment. It’s the most common hinge for frameless cabinets and gives the cabinet a smooth look that many homeowners desire in frameless cabinets.

Inset Hinge

The inset hinge, otherwise known as the full-crank, is a type of European hinge. It gets its name from the bend in its hinge arm—this hinge is offset from the edge of the door to give the cabinet a flush finish, making it ideal for inset cabinets.

Partial Overlay Hinge

Also known as the half-crank hinge, the partial overlay hinge is another European-style hinge that has slightly less bend than the inset. As you may have guessed, it’s most commonly paired with partial overlay doors as it’s set back further from the door to overlay the frame partially.

Full Overlay Hinge

Last, but certainly not least, is the full overlay hinge. The full overlay is yet another European hinge that features a completely straight arm. The offset for this hinge is much more pronounced than the inset or partial overlay, allowing the door to overlay the frame entirely.

These are just a few examples of hinges that are perfect for frameless cabinets, but there are plenty more. The type of hinge you choose will primarily depend on your preferred cabinet style, such as inset or full overlay.

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